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Malluz Media.com is a online english news portal. And Malluz Media is managed  by Akhil G Krishnan, Abdulla Noushad and Sanuj S Dev and Team.

Malluz Media includes topic like Breaking News, Latest News, Malayalam News, Tech News, Health, Entertainment, Sports etc…

Prior to raising about me, I am an engineering student in Information Science Scheme, Blogging is my passion, To contact me, please email info@malluzmedia.com

We use Google AdSense program in this site. We are not associated with Google or AdSense program in any other manner other than consuming the available AdSense system. We do not represent Google Inc.

malluzmedia.com website neither intends to nor offers any services related to the products, goods, services, etc belonging to companies/trademarks mentioned in this site and any reference or resemblance, direct or indirect, with various companies/products/services/trademarks are purely coincidental and is absolutely made in good faith.

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