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Ganja is the best medicine for Treatment of Aids

Doctor says Ganja is the best medicine for Treatment of Aids/HIV,

In jamaica government leagalised the use of ganja for the treamnet of HIV.

The legalisation of marijuana should also be considered as a prospective harm reduction mechanism, said Day, who noted that some crack smokers had resorted to selling sex as a means of supporting their habit, and this increases their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.

Day, who is based in St Lucia, said the region should at least begin talks on the issue as a public health matter, although he is well aware of some of the arguments against its use.

“All substances have their downside,” the doctor acknowledged. “Regulating dosage with marijuana is very difficult; regulating any substance that’s illicit is a problem.”

There have been countless anecdotal reports of marijuana relieving the pain, nausea and muscular spasticity that often accompany cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other ailments.

In 2008, scientists reported that cannabis can ease nerve pain.  Researchers at University of California Davis examined whether marijuana produces analgesia for patients with neuropathic pain.  The thirty-eight patients in the study were given either high-dose cannabis, low-dose cannabis, or a placebo.




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